Tuesday, June 1, 2010

8 Million Rand Flushed Down the Drain: Jacob Zuma - A President with the Best Interest of his People at Heart?

“President Jacob Zuma and his entourage cost taxpayers R8 million during the three-day state visit to the UK.” “More than R5m was spent on accommodation.” “The Presidency spent half a million rands on entertainment and more than R20 000 on telecommunications.”

These are excerpts taken from an article from the 6th of May. Now, taking into consideration that half of the population of South Africa lives in poverty and unemployment – are President Jacob Zuma’s actions responsible?

Does he show any signs of Real Leadership and Consideration for his people?
No. Instead of investing Money in means to improve the conditions in which the people of South Africa live – he rather go and spend millions or Rand on fancy accommodation and entertainment during a 3 day trip in the UK. What is a President for, if not making decisions and implementing that which is within the Best Interest of the People, of everyone. Being President means leading a country, making sure that everyone is taken care of.

Is spending 8 million rand in three days on personal luxury taking care of your people? Is there then no law to which Presidents must abide to ensure that he does not abuse his position? Does a President then not have any form of accountability?
How can Zuma justify his expenses to the millions of people dying of starvation and poverty everyday in his own country. He cannot. What will he say, “I am sorry but my personal luxurious comfort is more important than your human lives.” ?

This is not the behaviour of a Responsible President and Leader – this is the Behaviour of a person who only cares about filling his own pockets with money on the expense of other people = his people.

I fail to understand how it is possible that this kind of behaviour from a President is accepted. From my Perspective his irresponsible behaviour only shows that he is unfit to be President and needs some serious counseling.

After all, for someone who prioritizes his own personal luxurious comfort over the lives of other beings – there’s must be something seriously crooked in his mind. He has just declared himself as the Murderer of his Own People, and with every penny he spends on his own personal interests, more people die in his name. In an Equal Money System, this would not happen, because irresponsible criminals would not be allowed to become Leaders, no matter how much Money to have